Sell or trade in your vehicle, the easy way.

Never set foot in a dealership or go through the hassle
of selling privately. Give us a shout and we'll come to
you to inspect and pick up your car.

Sell Your Car in Saskatoon

Send us a few details about your vehicle and we'll give you an above-market offer. If you like what you see, we'll schedule a vehicle inspection.


Curbie Advantage

Claire wants top dollar for her car but the thought of strangers coming to her house makes her queasy...
To feel safe, she called Curbie. She received a generous, no-haggle price. They even picked her car up! It was all easy.

Lyle leased a sweet car that he loved to drive. Upon lease return, he was looking at a significant mileage overage charge. Lyle reached out to Curbie. They paid him more than the lease buyout price and got him out of his overage charges. Talk about win-win!

How Curbie Works

Step 1:

Send us the deets

First off, tell us a bit about your car. We need to know the VIN, current mileage and a couple other things to evaluate your vehicle. Let us know if you'd like to sell only, or trade in. Next, we'll email you an above-market offer within 24 hours.

Step 2:

The fine-tooth comb

If you like the offer, call us to book a car inspection at a time and place convenient for you. One of our inspectors will spend roughly 60-90 minutes with your car, and, if all goes well, they'll confirm our solid, no-haggle offer on the spot.

Step 3:

The big fat cheque

Do we have a deal? Simply sign off and it's a done deed. You'll get a cheque sent your way and we'll confirm a pick-up date to take the car off your hands. Easy peasy!