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Pick-ups must be booked at least 24-hours in advance to allow for proper preparation of the vehicle, including sanitization. Other than booking in advance, there are no delays. 

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Deliveries are now booked at least 24-hours in advance to allow for proper preparation of the vehicle, including sanitization. Other than this, there are no delays.

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We are dedicated to doing our part to keep the community healthy. 

To minimize gathering, we have implemented a work-from-home policy across our company. This means that our office has minimal staff on-hand. 

For our customers, you will see a number of things:

  1. Enhanced Sanitization: Vehicles are sanitized before they leave our shop for delivery to you. Next, they are disinfected at the time of delivery, in front of you (this includes disinfection of the keys). Once back in our possession, vehicles are disinfected again.
  2. Social Distancing: Our staff observe social distancing best practices when interacting personally with customers. This includes maintaining a 2 meter distance. 
  3. Unsupervised Test Drives: Test drives are now unsupervised, meaning you’ll be able to put a vehicle through its paces without “mom” or “dad” watching.
  4. 24-Hour Booking Time: All deliveries and test drives must now be booked at least 24-hours in advance. This extra time enables us to properly ready the vehicles for you, including scheduling a staff member to be at the office and for the completion of our pre-delivery sanitization process. 

Thanks for reading this part of our site. We’re grateful that you’ve checked us out. By working together, we’ll get through this uncertain situation.

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We practice social distancing. Our staff will remain at least 2 meters distance at all times, this includes the signing of all paperwork. Verification of identification will also be conducted at this distance using a smartphone with a high resolution camera.

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To accommodate our new work-from-home and vehicle sanitization regimes, we require an additional 24-hours to ensure staff members are ready to prepare your vehicle. Other than this, there are no delays.

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No, we are happy to support social distancing efforts.

If your car is being picked up, your Curbie team member will conduct the entire process via phone, sharing instructions for where to leave documents and keys, so you can complete them inside while they test drive your vehicle and complete their documents.

If you’re dropping your vehicle off at our Saskatoon location, your Curbie Team member will stay 6ft away all times and use a designated table to exchange documents and items. All of these appointments are scheduled to ensure that we minimize gathering sizes. We request that you arrive on time to support these efforts.

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We hope you are staying safe and well amidst these unprecedented circumstances. Due to the nature of market values, our appraisals are only good for 7 days. You are welcome to reappraise your car on the website whenever it makes sense for you. We understand this may be frustrating given the uncertainty of current circumstances, but this time limit allows us to offer everyone the most accurate and fair value.

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We hand-pick the best cars. To stand by this claim, we provide a 3-month/10,000 km warranty on every vehicle we sell.

Every Curbie car has passed our rigorous 240-point inspection and we provide you with a free CARFAX report.

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We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. This is why we provide a 7-day/500KM “test-own” period for you to get to know your car. During this period, check our work and take the car for an inspection. Drive it around town. Show it off to friends. Should you decide it's not for you, call us anytime within the 7-day/500KM period and we'll arrange a pickup time to retrieve the car and refund your money.

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For Sellers, we buy your vehicle directly from you, saving you the hassle of selling it.

For Buyers, we eliminate the risk of buying lemons. Every car we list for sale has passed our 240-point inspection and receives our 3-month comprehensive bumper to bumper warranty, along with any remaining manufacturers warranty. Additionally, we only list cars we are passionate about. Every car we list is a car we want to drive.

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At Curbie, the price is the price. We don’t have hidden fees, pushy salespeople or sales commissions, and with our advanced pricing technology, we are able to provide our best price based on the market and every detail about the vehicle.

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We complete an extensive 240-point inspection on every vehicle we consider carrying in our inventory. In addition to our inspection, we also obtain history reports from Carfax, the provincial government and insurance agencies to check for liens, accidents, rebuilt titles and ownership history.

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Curbie is proud to help customers across Canada purchase great vehicles. For customers in Saskatchewan, we provide free delivery and the option to test drive at our Saskatoon Hub. For customers in Alberta and Manitoba, we provide free delivery to most areas. For customers from other provinces, we are happy to provide a $250 CAD flight credit to pick up your vehicle from Saskatoon or the Hub where the vehicle is located.

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Curbie is Canada's first fully-licensed online vehicle retailer. We deliver the vehicle to you to make car shopping the way it should be, easier. Our delivery area is continuously growing, so reach out if you have questions about free delivery to your area. Currently, we are delivering to select areas in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Headquarters, Vehicle Storage & Retail Facility (Appointment Only)

713 66th St Unit 20, 

Saskatoon, SK S7P 0E4

Calgary, Alberta

Reconditioning Facility, Vehicle Storage & Retail Facility (Appointment Only)

2612 26 St NE

Calgary, AB T1Y 1A5

Please reach out to us at 1-855-842-0051 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment and see our inventory in person.

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Our Curbie Team would be happy to help you with the purchase, trade, or sale of your vehicle in your preferred language. We speak and/or write in the following languages:

English, French, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Serbian, Cantonese, Hindi, Gujarati, Filipino, Russian

How can we help you?

Comment pouvons-nous vous aider?

Como podemos ayudarte?

어떻게 도와 드릴까요?

كيف يمكننا مساعدتك؟

Nasıl yardım edebiliriz?

Como podemos te ajudar?

Како можемо да ти помогнемо?

Kako možemo da ti pomognemo?


हम आपकी किस प्रकार मदद कर सकते हैं?

Ham aapakee kis prakaar madad kar sakate hain?

અમે તમને કેવી રીતે મદદ કરી શકીએ?

Amē tamanē kēvī rītē madada karī śakī'ē?

Paano namin kayo matutulungan?

Как мы можем тебе помочь?

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We spend an average of $2,000 in reconditioning on every vehicle, returning them as close as possible to original condition. However, since the vehicles are pre-owned, there may still be the odd blemish that we can't make completely disappear.

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Every Curbie car comes with the balance of manufacturer’s warranty as well as our comprehensive 3-month/10,000km warranty.

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Absolutely. Curbie offers FREE delivery throughout most of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. For customers from other provinces, we are happy to provide a $250 CAD flight credit to pick up your vehicle in Saskatoon or the Hub where the vehicle is located.

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Absolutely! We can accept almost any vehicle on trade-in toward the purchase of a new Curbie vehicle, even if it doesn't match our inventory criteria. By trading in a vehicle, you also receive a tax credit on the value of the trade-in, saving you money on your new Curbie ride.

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You can always arrange to pickup your vehicle at one of our local Hubs. If you are outside of the delivery area, we can also provide you with a $250 CAD travel credit to be used to fly to the closest Hub.

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Curbie works with various dealership partners to offer an expanded inventory of vehicles to choose from. Our partners perform a 150 to 240 point inspection and the following Curbie standards apply to every vehicle we offer to you:

-         3-month/10,000 km Curbie bumper-to-bumper warranty

-         Free CarFax report included

-         No hidden fees (financing fees may apply)

In addition, we offer the same Curbie service and benefits when purchasing a partner inventory, which includes:

-         Free delivery right to your door

-         7-Day test-own with a money-back guarantee

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Who is CARFAX Canada? 

- Canada’s definitive source of vehicle history information for consumers, car dealers, and the automotive industry

- Helps used vehicle buyers and sellers make informed decisions by drawing on billions of data records to produce detailed vehicle history reports 

Who uses CARFAX Canada? 

- Car dealers

- Major vehicle manufacturers

- Finance and insurance companies

- Auto auctions and dealer associations

- Consumers

- Provincial departments and ministries of transportation

- Law enforcement 

Why is a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report important?

A CARFAX Canada vehicle history report helps you determine whether the vehicle you’re considering is the right fit for you. Reports can include the following information: 

- Major accidents

- Frame and structural damage

- Vehicle theft

- Service and inspection records

- Repair estimates and costs

- Open recalls

- Odometer readings

- Registration

- U.S./Canada import records

- One-owner vehicles 

Why do we use CARFAX Canada?

We want to help you find the vehicle that's right for you. By giving you a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report, we’re adding transparency to the used vehicle buying process, and disclosing the information that we have about the vehicle. 

What does it mean for you?

Simply put, CARFAX Canada supplies the most comprehensive vehicle history report available to Canadian consumers. The fact that the vehicle you are interested in comes with a CARFAX Canada report means that you can be confident in the integrity of both the vehicle and in Curbie. 

How can I get a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report?

Every Curbie Car comes with a CARFAX Report and can be found on each Vehicle Description Pages at Simply search for a car, click on the car, scroll down and click on "CAR HISTORY REPORT".

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Yes. If you do not proceed with the purchase of your Curbie vehicle we will return your deposit. Please allow for 5-7 business days for your deposit to be refunded via Stripe. If you proceed with your vehicle purchase your $100 deposit will be applied as partial payment toward the total purchase of the vehicle on your Bill of Sale.

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Curbie ensures all vehicles designed to accept block heaters have one installed before delivery to you.

Some vehicle manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes do not accept block heaters. We ensure these vehicles are delivered with the proper factory-specified synthetic oil.

We come to you! You tell us the most convenient time and place and one of our Curbie inspectors will be dispatched to complete the inspection process. Curbie's inspectors are all professionally trained. Feel free to watch the inspection and ask questions. We love to talk cars and here's your chance to ask the experts.

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Our inspections take approximately 90 minutes. You're welcome to stay and watch or let our Curbie inspector handle it on their own. Our inspector will perform our 240-point inspection and then take your car on a quick test drive. After we've completed our inspection we will go over the results with you.

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We look at each of the condition qualifications below to determine the overall condition of your vehicle. These are the standards used in the automotive industry and will help you to understand the Full Market Valuation of your vehicle:


3% of all cars we value meet this criterion

  • Looks new and is in excellent mechanical condition
  • Has never had any paint touch-ups and or bodywork done
  • Does not need any reconditioning
  • The engine compartment is clean and free of leaks
  • Is free of rust
  • The body and interior are free of wear or visible defects
  • Wheels are flawless
  • All tires match and are like new
  • Has a clean registration (w/no accidents or issues) and will pass safety and emissions test
  • Has complete and verifiable service records

Very Good

23% of all cars we value meet this criterion

  • Has minor cosmetic defects and is in excellent mechanical condition
  • Has had minor paint touch-up and or bodywork
  • Requires minimal reconditioning
  • The engine compartment is clean and free of leaks
  • Is free of rust
  • The body and interior have minimal signs of wear or visible defects
  • Wheels are flawless
  • All tires match and 75% or more of tread remaining
  • Has a clean registration (w/no accidents or issues) and will pass safety and emissions test
  • Most service records are available


54% of all cars we value meet this criterion

  • Has some repairable cosmetic defects and is free of major mechanical problems
  • May need some servicing
  • The paint and bodywork may require minor touch-ups
  • The engine compartment may have minor leaks
  • Has only minor rust, if any
  • The body may have minor scratches or scrapes
  • The interior has minor blemishes characteristic of normal wear
  • Wheels may have minor repairable scratches or scrapes
  • All tires match and have at least 50% or tread remaining
  • Though it may need some reconditioning, it has a clean accident history and will pass a safety and emissions examination
  •  Some service records are available


18% of all cars we value meet this criterion

  • Has some repairable cosmetic defects that require repairing and/or replacing
  • Requires some mechanical repairs
  • The paint and bodywork may require refreshing and body repair
  • The engine compartment has leaks and may require repairs
  • May have some repairable rust damage
  • The body has dents, chips, and/or scratches
  • The interior has substantial wear, and may have small tears
  • Wheels may be warped, or bent, have major scratches, scrapes, or pitting, and require replacement
  • The tires may not match and need replacement
  • Needs servicing, but is still in reasonable running condition with a clean accident history
  • A few service records are available


Most trade value resources will not provide a valuation on cars that meet this criterion.

  • These vehicles are seldom kept for retail sales by the dealership due to the high cost to bring to standards compared to average retail market values.

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Submitting an application for financing is a quick and easy process. Click the Financing Tab, then Apply Now and follow the onscreen directions. After you’ve completed your application our Credit Team will review and may be in touch if there is any additional information required before submitting to the bank.

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Applying for financing is easy. After selecting “Get this Car” in any vehicle description page, you will be asked if you are paying with “Cash” or “Financing”. Select "Financing" and you will be taken through our online financing application as part of the checkout process. Our Credit Team will review and submit to our preferred lenders for approval. 

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Interest rates vary from person to person, depending on credit history and financial capacity, among other factors. Generally, with good credit and sufficient income, expect prime rates to be between 4.99% - 7%.

Each time a credit application is submitted, there is a small impact to the applicant’s credit score. This impact is temporary, reversing with time. 

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Gross income is your total monthly or yearly income before any taxes are deducted. This amount is higher than your ‘net pay’ or ‘take home’ pay.

Providing your social insurance number (SIN) is not mandatory, however it does help us with the application process and may lead to a faster approval. Your SIN is a unique number, it helps the bank identify you quickly and efficiently and is the best way to make sure information provided to the bank is actually referring to you. Often, without a SIN, it is difficult to locate a person's credit history as there may be many people with similar names. As SINs are unique, this process can be faster with fewer errors or follow-up questions from lenders. However, providing your SIN as part of this application process is completely optional for you.

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At Curbie, all auto loans are ‘open-ended’ meaning they can be paid off at anytime without penalty. You can also pay down the loan as much as you like at anytime. Should you wish, you can also request the bank to increase your payments to payoff the loan faster. This really puts you in the driver’s seat.

Note: If you decide to place extra money down on the loan after you take possession of the car, it will not lower your payment, it will shorten the length of the term of the loan.

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Interest is calculated on a per payment basis. This means if you pay the loan off early you will not be charged the remaining interest. For example, if you are on a 60-month loan and you pay it off in full in 36-months, you would save 2-years worth of interest.

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You can decide on payment dates before the paperwork is signed. You can pick almost any day you’d like - some people prefer to have it after payday.

For bi-weekly payments, standard bank parameters state that your first payment must be at least 14 days from your contract date, but no more than 21 days.

For monthly payments, the first payment must be 30 days from your contract date and can be moved up to 45 days from the contract date.

You also have the flexibility to call the bank that your loan is through and have them change the payment date (after your first payment comes out).

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No. Your loan does not need to be through the same bank as your personal bank account. All that is needed is a void cheque or a direct deposit form for the account you want your automatic payments to be withdrawn from.

Note: Payments cannot come from a credit card account.

If your personal banking and auto loan are with different banks, simply call the bank that the loan is with to request the payout amount and any other details you may require. They will also provide instructions for paying off the loan.

If your personal banking is through the same bank as the auto loan, you will be able to view the loan through your online banking portal and pay it down online or at a branch.

When you bring over previous debt, we as the dealer will pay off the total amount of your previous car loan. You will not have any further payments withdrawn from that loan. The remaining balance is added to your new loan.

This is common if you have a previous car payment scheduled to come out within a few days of taking possession of your new vehicle and loan. Do not be alarmed! We always tell customers to be prepared for a possible payment to be withdrawn for their previous loan as it can take banks up to 10 business days to pay off the previous loan once the cheque is received.

If a payment does come out, you will be reimbursed. Once the bank receives the funds, they will be ‘overfunded’, whereby the difference will be deposited back into your account or mailed to you.

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The minimum amount a bank can finance is $7,500 after taxes. If the amount is below this, banks are not able to finance a contract. However, after the vehicle is financed, you can put money down on the loan.

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This is a fee charged by the bank. It reflects the cost of both processing the loan and registering a lien against the vehicle being financed. The amount varies depending on the bank, the term of the loan and the province in which the lien is registered. Usually, the Financing Fee ranges from $70 to $600.

When we bring the vehicle and the financing contract to your home, the following items are required:

  • Void cheque or direct deposit form from the bank account you want your payments to come from
  • Copy of your new insurance faxed or emailed to us with the loan holder indicated on it
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Any stipulations asked for by the lender 

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Yes. Curbie will work with the financial institution of your choice. Provide us with the name and contact information of your representative and we'll ensure they have all the necessary information to finalize your loan.