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Curbie News August 07, 2019

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A Saskatoon success story

Alex Cruder is the co-founder of Curbie, an online vehicle retailer based in Saskatoon. 

So far, Curbie is available throughout all of Saskatchewan but beginning in September the company's services will be available to those living in Alberta as well. 

"We had originally decided that we wanted to launch the business in Calgary," Cruder said.

But Cruder said the will to get the company going began in Saskatoon.

According to the 2016 census data, Saskatoon has a population of about 246,376 people whereas the population in Calgary is about 1.2 million people. 

The smaller population in Saskatoon compared to a larger city like Calgary made it easier for the company to connect with the necessary people needed to get the business growing, he said. This includes financiers and sector experts. 

"Literally everybody you need is just an arms length away. So it helps you get up and running very quickly." Cruder said. 

Cruder and his business partner and co-founder of Curbie, Brent Gudelot, also grew up in Saskatoon which made it easier to build networks.  

The Curbie team does have hopes of one day expanding out east but Cruder said the community within Saskatoon has been very nurturing which might not be the experience they receive in larger cities. 

"There's a culture that we've benefited from out here that has been extremely supportive and it has to do with this idea of lifting other people up," Cruder said. 

"It took us a year to build a business that's truly scalable so we're fortunate to be in a position where we can grow."

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