Forbes Article - Digitize Or Die: Technology Makes Luxury Brands More Accessible

Curbie News July 09, 2020

Joseph DeAcetis, Contributor - Link to Full Article

The way people shop has changed. Technology has made it such that you can window-shop swiping through items on your devices and make a purchase from the comfort of your home. 

According to statistics, global retail e-commerce sales will increase up to $4.13 trillion in 2020 and by 2040 about 95 percent of purchases will be done through e-commerce. This might be true for simple cheaper retail items, but luxury items seem to be a little far behind. It’s almost as if high-end products were exclusively meant to be sold in stores and not on a website. Until now.


Curbie, a Canadian car-platform is a good example. By embracing Tech, Curbie has created a direct-to-consumer market in the second-hand auto-sales business, thereby getting rid of middlemen to help their buyers save on cost.

"Curbie utilizes cutting-edge technology to more accurately price our fleet of used vehicles. By automating and simplifying car-buying online we reduce overhead costs that typical​ dealerships have, like, pushy salespeople, sales commissions, expensive showrooms and costly land-leases. Curbie is able to provide a great price while delivering an easy, convenient and stress-free online car-buying experience to our customers."​ says Brent Gudelot, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Curbie.


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