I purchased my first car with Curbie and here's why you should too

Curbie News June 26, 2020

We sat down with Spencer Bomboir from TeamLinkt in Saskatoon for a video conversation about his experience buying his first car with Curbie. Here is what Spencer had to say.

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I purchased my first car with Curbie and here's why you should too…

After having issues with a vehicle that had been in my family for a number of years, I found myself in a position to buy my first car. As many people do, I headed to the dealership to start looking at cars. There were a few things I immediately learned from this experience:

1. The price on the dealership’s website is not the price on the lot

When looking online, I found lots of cars that seemed to be in my budget. However, I soon realized that cars listed at $20,000 were actually anywhere from $22,000 to $25,000 at the dealership.

2. The salespeople & their managers will tell you whatever you want to hear

Instead of trying to find the right car for my situation and lifestyle, the salespeople I talked to were more interested in getting me into a car that made them the most commission. This included a salesman telling me that he wasn’t trying to pressure me into buying a vehicle because he has already made two sales that day, followed by his manager saying that she was going to give me a deal because this same salesman had never made a sale. 

3. Dealerships are relentless

This included daily calls from every dealership I visited for the weeks following my visit. This was over three months ago and I am still receiving calls from these dealerships today. 

After a poor experience at multiple dealerships, I was very thankful I came across Curbie’s website. 

A Simple and Convenient Process

The process of buying my car was extremely simple through Curbie’s website. The first step was choosing a vehicle. Their website made it easy to browse all their cars and research the financing for each. Once I found a car I liked, they brought it to me at work and I took it for a test drive. After driving the vehicle, I knew it was the right one for me, so they brought the paperwork over and the deal was done. I strongly believe this model of selling vehicles is how cars should and will be sold in the future. 

No Salespeople. No Pressure. Full Transparency.

One of my favorite things about Curbie is their full transparency. They gave me a full history of the vehicle including it’s CarFax report. The price listed on the website was exactly the price I paid with no haggling, negotiating or bargaining. There were no pushy salespeople trying to sell me a used car, they let me take control of the process and buy my car on my own terms. They let me take as much time as I needed and even reserved the vehicle for me for a couple of days while I was doing my final evaluation of the purchase. 

For anyone who is looking to purchase their first car or their next car, I strongly recommend using Curbie. The process is easy, their staff members are friendly and knowledgeable, they have a large selection of high-quality used cars and they make buying a vehicle a positive experience. 

Curbie Customer for Life,

Spencer Bomboir, TeamLinkt

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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