5 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Season to Buy a Car

Buying Tips & Tricks October 28, 2021

Buying a brand new vehicle is traditionally more costly than buying a used vehicle, and is particularly pricier right now due to the ECU chip shortage. You can save thousands of dollars by buying used, scoring a low-mileage vehicle that is still young and in like-new condition. But with the market constantly shifting and - like every other industry - has been impacted by the pandemic, you may be trying to pinpoint the best time of the year to buy a used car that is both convenient and easy on your budget. To help you with your decision, we have outlined our five favorite reasons to buy a used vehicle during the months of October-December. 

1. Avoid the summer rush

Studies show that more people buy vehicles in the summer months - choosing to upgrade to a lower-mileage vehicle in preparation for summer road trips or finally purchasing their dream convertible. A higher number of people purchasing in the warmer months means less inventory with vehicles being snatched up more often. Waiting until the leaves start falling gives a chance to buy a car without the added competition of abundant buyers as “more used cars are sold in the spring and the summer” (US News, 2014). Plus, it’s a great time to purchase your “summer car” at a lower price since the demand for such a vehicle is lower in the fall. Our current summer favorite is our 2021 Kia Stinger GT Limited. As Curbie aims to pass the savings onto you, our Stinger is selling at the lowest price for its year and model in all of Canada. Be ready to roll with the windows down and music blasting next summer in your 2021 Kia Stinger before your friends have the chance to polish their own summer rides.

2. Diverse weather for your test-own

With Curbie, we offer our standard 7-day test-own period with every vehicle, so you can take the time to decide if your car is the right fit for you. We believe that our 7-Day Test-Own is far more advantageous than the old-fashioned 20-minute Test Drive. One of the main reasons why we love our 7-Day Test-Own is because you can test your vehicle in various temperatures for a whole week, instead of being limited to the weather conditions for one single day. With the broad range of weather from October-December, buying a used vehicle during these months ensures that you can really put your vehicle to the test. Drive it in the brisk, autumn mornings of October or the early snowfall of November. Read our Test-Own vs. Test Drive blog to discover more reasons why we support our 7-Day Test-Own period.

“Colder weather will give you a good opportunity to check that the heater and screen demisters work effectively, and don’t forget to take the car out on different types of road[s].”

(The AA, 2018)