"Great Experience Using Curbie"

Reviews & Testimonials June 17, 2021

Tiffany, a Curbie Customer, has been looking for their family's next vehicle for 2 weeks until they saw a listing from Curbie on Autotrader. They immediately thought that the price and the value of the vehicle that they were looking at is better compared to what was offered to her initially from other dealerships. Some people might be in the same situation as her and that's why we're sharing her full review to give an insight into what to expect and the promise of a better way to buy a car. Read her full review below.

"Great experience using Curbie and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for buying. We stumbled upon them on Autotrader as they had an ad up for the exact vehicle we wanted. We had spent about 2 weeks looking at new and used vehicles at a dealership and the whole process of trying to negotiate and get the best deal we could was a bit stressful. The make/model we wanted on Curbie was offered at a better price and much lower km's than anything we've been able to find at the dealerships or privately. I highly recommend using Curbie if you already know what exact vehicle you want, if you are pondering between 3-4 different types of makes & models and still need to test drive a few times, you should make up your mind first."

Thank you, Tiffany! We are so happy we were able to help save you time and remove frustration with your purchase. Thanks for choosing Curbie and we hope to help you and your friends in the future! All the best.

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