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Reviews & Testimonials June 15, 2021

Buying your next car should be easy and shouldn't take much of your time. Shayne, from Edmonton and a Curbie Customer, shared with us his experience of the better way to buy a car. Read his full review below:

"If you're sick of dealing with: pushy salesman, wasting your precious time off at a dealership trying to get the best price, or feeling unsure if you can trust the person selling the vehicle to you then Curbie might be a good choice for you.

After reaching out to multiple dealers in Edmonton looking to purchase a new used vehicle, I was growing frustrated with the obvious Greasy tactics they would try to employ on me. I understand that people need to make a living, but preying on everyday people and lying through your teeth is an awful way to do it.

I spoke with Tyler from Curbie after at least 6 of these encounters and felt absolutely none of that slimy carnival barker vibe. He was straight to the point, very fair, and went above and beyond in helping me choose and nail down my next vehicle.

Curbie is definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to buying quality used vehicles from an actual person and not someone treating you like a paycheck. I'll be highly recommending them to anyone I know that is looking for a fair deal on a quality car right from the start without having to play any of those dealership games.

The reviews for these guys are legit, and the vehicle quality is unreal for the price. I can guarantee I'll be coming back to them in the future when I need another."

Thank you very much, Shayne!! Our Curbie Crew is committed to improving the experience of buying a car for everyone and we are so proud that we provided a great experience for you. Thank you for your review and referrals and we look forward to helping you again in the future. All the very best!

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