Reasons to go with Curbie for your Next Car Purchase

Reviews & Testimonials June 09, 2021

Andrew is a Curbie customer from Edmonton. He's had his fair share of frustrations in dealing with other dealerships that's why he decided to look for an alternative and came across Curbie. Read what he has to say about his Curbie Car Buying Experience.

"I have had a lot of frustrating experiences buying a car, and so I found out about Curbie, I was pretty apprehensive about buying online. I was pleasantly surprised by the great buying experience from Curbie and will certainly be back again. Reasons to go with Curbie:

1) Good value for a used but well maintained car. If you want the absolute best value, you should probably look elsewhere but be prepared to pay for it with your time and dealing with hours of back and forth, haggling with salespeople. For a few hundred dollars, it's not worth it to me. They gave us a good deal on our trade-in (other dealers were citing me almost a third of their valuation) and so it ended up being better value than equivalent cars at other places, despite having a slightly higher upfront price.

2) Streamlined experience. Documentation is all done online. The price is EXACTLY as it is online. Absolutely zero surprises. Car is shipped to the door, they take a picture, and it's yours to try for the week.

3)No pressure warranty. Every dealer is going to try and sell extra warranties, but they were great about informing me about my options and giving me no pressure to add on warranties. Hugely appreciate it.

4) Goodwill. They put up half the cost of a second key out of good will. Car got damaged during transport and they notified me, got it all fixed ahead of time and gave full transparency.

Tyler was understanding, made himself available as best as was possible and was patient with all my delays.

Overall, I couldn't recommend Curbie enough. It's not for everyone, especially those who need to see the car to believe it, but for people who are comfortable with online reviews and doing the research ahead of time, it's about as seamless as car purchasing can get. I still recommend people shop around, but I doubt you'll find the same mix of good value and good will anywhere else."

Thank you so much Andrew! From being apprehensive at first to becoming a fan of Curbie, that is a great statement of your experience. Thank you very much for recommending Curbie to your family and friends and we look forward to helping you again in the future!

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