More than just a fresh coat of paint, Curbie’s Brand Refresh

Curbie News January 14, 2021

We at Curbie are thrilled to reveal the next evolution of our logo, colours, and visual identity. This fresh look of our brand embodies the belief we share with our customers, that owning a car means the freedom to do whatever and go wherever you want.

Our logo has evolved to present a bolder, more modern and symmetrical design. The Curbie logomark is unique in that it incorporates so many details: the spokes of a wheel, the passing lines of a road, a steering wheel, the curb of a road (where we deliver our cars to) and of course the “C” for Curbie. The open bodied characters of our font are now more legible and reflect the roundness and boldness of Curbie’s new logo.

Our primary colour has evolved from purple to our new Curbie Navy Blue along with a striking turquoise accent colour named Curbie Go. Variations of the blue and turquoise have been a part of our former colour scheme and now these new colours present a more deeper, bolder and vibrant display.

“I am so excited with the direction our brand and company is headed. We continue to grow and the fresh new look to our brand is a fantastic representation of our step forward in transforming how customers buy cars.” - Alex Cruder, CEO and Co-founder