Why we started Curbie

Curbie News August 03, 2017

Written by Alex Cruder, CEO of Curbie

Brent and I founded Curbie because we saw the opportunity to make the vehicle buying experience better.

When I ask people about their dealership experiences, they usually make that face kids make after their ice cream falls off the cone…

I sympathize with them because I’ve made the same face in the past. The experience of buying a vehicle — from a dealership or privately — makes me feel vulnerable and puts me on guard. It shouldn’t be this way. Normally, when I spend a lot of money somewhere, I get treated like a famous person, like a pre-Wickerman Nicolas Cage. This is how it should be.

Here’s how we plan to fix the vehicle buying experience:

  1. Buy Online — Research shows that nearly 100% of car buyers know what car they want before stepping into a showroom. Why not let them buy that vehicle online? There’s no pressure and no salesperson. You can even shop from the couch in your underwear. What could be more comfortable?
  2. Transparency — I like my prices to include ALL taxes and fees (take note, airlines!), so I know what I’m paying. With cars, this is especially important because sometimes PST is charged and sometimes it isn’t. And surprise fees are the bad kinds of surprises. I think we can all agree on that.
  3. Bear Risk for Customer — When it comes to quality, the consumer needs protection. Buying a lemon can be devastating, especially for someone not knowledgeable in car repair. Every vehicle sold should come with a 3-month, bumper-to-bumper warranty. This brings peace of mind, which is priceless.
  4. Undo Button (e.g. Return Policy) — I love Costco’s liberal return policy. It reduces risk, which is why I’ll buy a whole case of soup I’ve never tried. If I don’t like the soup, I can take it back. It should work like that for cars, too. The first week after your purchase should be a test period to truly experience the vehicle. You need the time to figure out if it fits you.

To realize our vision, we launched Curbie. We invite you to kick the tires and view our available inventory.

Also, please drop us a line by reaching out on social media or by contacting us through our website. We appreciate hearing from you. Let us know what we’re doing right and how we can be better. It’ll be a group effort to fix the car buying experience.

How we created Curbie

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