About Curbie

Our goal is to take the frustration out of buying vehicles.

What Drives Us

We Make the Car Buying Process All About You

We built Curbie to take the frustration out of buying and selling vehicles in Saskatoon, We focus on vetting our inventory for quality, paying seller failry, and making the experience positive.

Every Curbie vehicle has had 0 accidents, no more than 2 previous owners, and is less than 4 years old. Each car has passed our thorough 240-point inpsection. To back this up, we provide you with documentation from third parties, as well as our own mechanics for each vehicle. Finally, we put weight behind our claims with Curbie's 3-month/10,000km warranty.


Save $2,000+

We guarantee the best prices in the province and help you save thousands. On average we help each customer save over $2,000 when compared to the same vehicle found at other dealerships.

Core Values

We Believe In ...

Being Radically Candid

We always deal with customers in an honest, direct and transparent way.

Making 6 Star Experiences

We treat all clients as if they were family. We will go above and beyond each time.

Acting Like an Owner

We instinctively put the company goals before our own … it’s the Curbie way.

“Our day is made when we see our customers smile as we pull up to their drive way with their new vehicle. Their experience is what makes Curbie so great!”

Alex Cruder, CEO
Curbie Family

Meet the Team

Alex Cruder

CEO & Co-Founder

Brent Gudelot

COO & Co-Founder

Spencer Nikkel

Customer Experience Manager

Mitchell Dunn

Fulfillment Manager

Carlene James

Business Analyst

Trisha Patel

Lead Full-Stack Developer

Naveen Kambham

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Balamani Guntreddi

Senior Software Developer

Yousef Kbeili

Full-Stack Developer

Seann Spence

Chief Strategy Officer & VP of Investment